A safe place with you by César L. Baquerizo


I was sent an EARC of A safe place with you by César L. Baquerizo for an honest review.

The Plot

This story is about a group of teenagers who under different circumstances get sent to a clinic were they heal people who are gay/bi. People don’t know and don’t really care what methods are used as long as their family members are cured. The clinic in this book is called Grow and live normally and it is known for having cured a man of being gay. People pay alot of money to send their family members there because they know that they have a cure. Some of the teenagers in the clinic want to be cured and others don’t see anythung wrong with having a different sexual orientation.

The Setting

The story is set in Ecuador in 1987 in the Grow and live normally clinic and in 2012.

The Characters

Tomás: He is the main protagonist, he is bisexual. He is a person that always likes to include others and help those around him. He doesn’t like to upset people. He is diagnosed a schizophrenic and has amnesia. Tomás is looked at as the leader of the group and the glue that holds them together. He is the only pasient who is treated by the main Dr in the clinic.

Sebastián: He is a depressed young man who recently lost his first love Christian. Sebastian has locked himself away from the world because of what happend with his boyfriend at the same time as he still believes that there is good in the world. He is very gullible and believes in other people, something that can lead to him being let down. He is a painter.

Johana : A very quiet girl who doesn’t really speak unless she has to. She is friendly but is mostly on her own. She doesn’t really give her opinion on things the group discuss. Her past is very dark and it has lead to her shutting her self away from the world. She is a fighter and if she believes in something she will fight for it.

Sandra: A bisexual girl who believes in the cure and believes that the only  way ton get out of the clinic is to let them cure them. She is a very jealous girl and gets what she wants by using what she can. She is very outspoken and talks before she thinks often sounding rude. She likes Tomás.

Fabricio: A positive young man, very happy go lucky. He is very outspoken about being gay and does not believe that there is a cure. He is anti the clinic and pretends to take his pills but doesn’t. He is fun and does not think there is anything wrong with being gay or bi. He believes that he will get out of the clinic and be happy.

Mateo: A young man who has been bullied at school. He has pretty much given up on life and is suicidal. He believes that the world is against him and wishes to die and become an angel with wings so he can help others in his situation. He is not outspoken about his sexual orientation. He has never kissed a boy before and has no experience at all. He is a writer and his dream is to live in a world were he can be happy and write even if he believes it will not happen. He wants to be cured to make his parents proud.


My thoughts on the book id that it is a book that gets you thinking. The story is based on real life clinics and that makes this book even better knowing that these type cures were normal. In the beginning it was a bit difficult for me to get into the book because there were some facts we had to know first, but once I got into it I loved it. The book tells the story of each individual about how they got to the clinic and their stay there. Some stories I liked better than others but only because I liked some characters more than others. Cèsar writes about very dark subjects in this book such as violence, murder and rape but in a way  that helps us understand the characters more. I recommend people who want to read a book that makes them think to read this book. I finished it a week ago and I still think about it..


4 stars


Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


This is a review of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (non spoiler)

The Plot

The story is about a woman in 1946 who goes to Scotland with her husband after the war to renew their love for each other in the place were they had their honeymoon. Fate brings her to the top of a hill were there is a Stonehenge type of thing that sends her back in time to 1743. There she arrives in the middle of a fight scene between Scottish highlanders and the an English redcoats. One thing leads to the other and she ends up as a prisoner/guest of the Scottish clan McKenzie. She has to try to fit in and at the same time try to get back to the rocks so she can go back to her own time.

The Characters

Claire Beauchamp : Clair is an English lady who was raised by her architect uncle after her parents died in a car accident. She was a nurse during the second world war. She has a passion for herbs and plants for medicinal reasons. Claire is married to Frank Randall.

Frank Randall: Claire’s husband and an historian. He uses their trip to Scotland to go see historical places and castles. He is also looking into an old ancestor of his called Jack Randall who apparently was a English officer during the  war between Scotland and England. He worked in intelligence during the war and was separated with Claire for a long time.

Jamie: Jamie is a young Scottish man that Claire helps heal when she first arrives in 1743. He has ties to the clan McKenzie but is really from another clan. He is a wanted fugitive with a price on his head for a crime he may or may not have committed. He is a person that helps those in need and stands up for others. He helps Claire adjust in a new place as well as she helps him.

Jack Randall: A English officer known for his sadistic behavior and being violent. His job is to keep the clans under control but his passion is inflicting pain. He is especially obsessed with Jamie and doesn’t really care what he does as long as he gets him.

Colum McKenzie: Is the laird of clan McKenzie and resides at Castle Leoch.  Colum is a smart man and a great leader always putting his clan before anything. He suffers from Toulouse-Lautrec Syndrome and because of that he can not fulfill his duties as clan leader 100 %. Thankfully he has a lot of help from is younger brother Dougal.

Dougal McKenzie: Is the war chief of clan McKenzie. He takes the duties that his brother can not do such as go to war, collect the rent from their tenants. He is a strong and big man and is well respected by all the members of the clan. Dougal is a man that gets things done and respects his older brother who is laird.

Murtagh: Jamies godfather and the man that rescues/captures Claire when she arrives in 1743. He is Jamies right hand man as well as his most loyal companion. Were Jamie goes Murtagh goes. Not a man of many words.


The story is set in Scotland in 1946 and in 1743. Scotland is described in two different ways with the technology of the 1900’s and the old ways of the 1700’s. Some of the places we visit in both timelines.

Inverness: The city that Clair and Frank visit in  1946.

Castle Leoch: The castle that is the home to the clan McKenzie family.

Lallybroch: Jamie’s home


My thoughts

This book is old but the content of the book could have been written today. It is about time travel but in a mysterious type of way. There is no device that sends Claire back in time it is a stone and she does not really know how it works and if it will work again. if she touches the stone again will she be sent back to were she came from or will she be sent to an other time completely. This book is full of not knowing and as a book reader you sometimes end up guessing what will happen before it happens. With this book things are a bit different because there is so much that you don’t see coming at all. This book is filled with great fiction as well as a great amount of history. I am already over half way in the second book.

I give this book 5 stars

Lost Stars by Claudia Gray Review


This is my review of Lost Stars by Claudia Gray

The Plot

The story is about a young boy and a young girl who are from the same planet but from completely different worlds. They both share the same dream of one day becoming a pilot and their shared dream creates a lifelong friendship. They go to the same school and eventually start feeling something more than just friendship for each other. You get to experience alot of what happened in the old Star Wars movies but being on the Republic’s side. Graduation from school and getting positioned in different places leads to them going in different directions and one of them joining the Rebellion. They must now fight each other because they believe in different things.

The Characters

Thane Kyrell: He is a son of an aristocrat on the planet Jelucan. He is a person that allways fight for what he believes in and will do anything to achieve his dream of becoming a pilot. He comes from a quite dysfunctional family with an abusing father and a brother that is very mean to him. He kind of reminds me of Harry Potter with the Dursleys. His dream is not working for the Republic as much as it is to leave Jelucan and his family. He is happy aslong as he is were Ciena is.

Ciena Ree: She is a girl from a rural village in Jelucan. Her family are poor and her mom has a high position on a mine factory. She lives by the rule of always following rules and always doing the right thing. The village she is from put loyalty and honesty very high and she does not lie. She comes from a very happy family and learns very quickly that Thane doesn’t. She and Thane are very dependent on each other and help each other be the better version of them selves.

The setting

Jelucan: A planet that is on the outer rim. There is a very clear difference between the rich and the poor on this planet.

The Academy of Corusant: This is were Thane and Ciena go to Cadet school. This is were the pilots and the stormtroopers are educated and taught in different subjects such as flying, hand to hand combat and intelligence.

The death star: Yes we are here aswell and it is pretty cool!

I loved reading from the other side’d perspective and enjoyed this book way more than I thought I would.

 4,5 out of 5 stars



Red Seas Under Red Skies Review


Red seas under red skies is book two in the Gentlemen Bastards series(not trilogy)…Ps! If you haven’t read book 1 than this will be a spoiler.

The Plot

The story continues with our main characters Locke and Jean as they plan and scheme to become rich. They are in a new town and have new identities. In this story like in the last involves Locke and Jean’s plan getting a bit sidetracked after they become pawns in a game that several people are playing. What i love about this book is that you don’t see things coming, who do we trust and who is the enemy? Locke and Jean are trained actors but in Red seas under red skies they have to take on a completely new role that they never saw coming and that they have problems acting out.

The characters

Locke: Is the smart and cunning male lead in this series. He loves tricks and he loves winning the game. He starts of being pretty down and very ready to just end life because of too much death that has happened in his life. He was the funny one that loved life mostly because of his friends and family that he now has lost. Jean brings him out of the darkness challenging him to the biggest heist of their life.

Jean: He is the muscle and the brain of the group. He is a big man and many fear him just by looking at him. He copes with his friends death in  a different way than Locke does and instead of shutting himself of from the world he creates the same world he had with his friend by helping a streetcrew. He becomes their leader and teaches them how to fight, how to trick and how to use their head(he becomes Chains) After he helps Locke from his depression they start the journey of their biggest heist ever. Circumstances leads them to board a ship undercover as fake Captains and he meets a girl and falls in love.

Requin: The “Leader” of the Sinspire. He is the richest person in Tal Verarr and owns a big building that houses everything from dogfighting pits, slavery and a gambling house. He is the person that Locke and Jean are trying to trick.

The Archon: He is a bondsmage and the person that intervenes in Locke and Jeans plans. He is very powerful and wishes to become even more powerful. He makes Locke and Jean pretend to be pirates and to start a “war” among pirates so he can come and save the day and become a hero in Tal Vararr.

Zamira: A pirate Captain with a crew of mostly female pirates. She is a famous pirate and a great Captain.

Ezri: She is Zamira’s second in command and is the strength of her ship. She is strong and well respected as well as she is fair. She is Jean’s love interest.


Tal Verarr: Again book is like the first  book set to a 1800 Italy inspired country . The different with this one and the last is that this reminded me of Las Vegas but more old fashioned.

The Red Sea: Half of the book is set to the ocean and coastal cities. A bit pirates of the Caribbean. There were normal scenes as well as a few supernatural. Loved all the pirate parts of the books and the pirate  superstitions


This book is 5 out of 5 🙂 




Lies Of Locke Lamora Review


Lies of Locke Lamora is book 1 in The Gentlemen Bastard trilogy:)

The plot

This book is about a group of orphaned boys who are raised by a blind priest. They are the gentlemen bastard, a group of thieves only not ordinary ones. What they do is intricate and planed thievery. They learn different skills in areas such as, history, accents, fighting and cooking. They plan heists that can take years. We follow the boys on a heist were they have planned a scheme that is basically them stealing from the rich by going undercover and pretending to be rich aswell.

The characters

Locke– He is the main boy, small in size and not strong when it comes to fighting. He is the brains in the group and not meaning he is the smartest but he plans the best. we know nothing of his past before he is introduced to us. He wears costumes and changes accents and is a master of trickery. He is one of my favorite characters in books.

Chains-A blind priest that is the leader and mentor of the gang. He has learned that you can be a different kind of thieve if you use your mind. He is a blind priest and people donate money to his church so he has a monthly income. He teaches them all they know and what he can’t teach them he sends them away to learn.

Jean– He is a big, muscular man, born in a rich family. His parents die and he ends up on the street. He is smart and educated and the best fighter of the gang. In the beginning he and Locke don’t get along but growing up together they become best friends. They have really great banter throughout the book and their sarcasm is very funny. He is always looking after Locke and saving his ass.

Calo and Galdo– Twin brothers, and the first to join the gang. The often talk in unison and not only look alike but also are very similar. They love making fun of the other boys and are always having fun in every situation they are in. They often don’t look like they are taking things serious but they are very good thieves.

Sabatha– Locke’s love interest that is also a part of the gang but is only mentioned in the book and never really shows up.

Bug– The newest addition to the gang. He is a little kid who is an apprentice for the gang., joining the heist in smaller roles. He is very brave and very reckless:)

The setting

The book takes place in a fictional version of Venice, Italy. It is set during the early 1800’s ish. The town is called Camore and the criminal underworld is run by a man called Capa Barsavi(mob boss). He has made deals with all gangs and takes some of their profit.  The criminal underworld follows a rule and that is that they do not steal from the rich and the military(yellowjackets) only working people such as bakers, farmers. The gang however does not follow this and are never caught because they dress up and have fake identities when they do their schemes.

This book  is a brilliant book were you never know what happens who is tricking who. The language in this book is probably not for everyone because they do curse alot but I loved it.

I give this book 5 stars 🙂

The Lunar Chronicles


I read The Lunar Chronicles in January 2016 and this is my short review of the books:)


Book 1 mainly focused on  Cinder who is a cyborg(half human, half machine) mechanic and her story of how she meets the Prince of New Beijing Kai. This is Cinderella but with a cool twist introducing a bad-ass Cinderella and a cool new Universe. The world is divided in different continents than we are used too, because of world war three. The asian area is called the commonwealth and the emperor is Kai’s father. Earth is in a tricky situaation because they are sort of being threatened by the Lunar race. The lunar race is the people who live on the moon (Luna) and they are ruled by an evil Queen called Levana. THe lunar race have “magical” powers were they can manipulate others thoughts and manipulate what they see. These powers are what scares the earthen most when it comes to the Lunars. We find out that Cinder is also Lunar and has been hidden on earth her whole life. Levana wants her as a prisoner and Kai has to give Levana what she wants so that he can get what he wants from her.. he wants a cure to a virus that has spread on earth that Luna has the cure to. Levana also wants to become Empress and wants to get engaged to Kai.



Scarlet follows Cinder again and Carswell Thorne who are captured in prison and escape together. They are trying to find out more about Cinder’s past together. This book also follows Scarlet a sassy french smalltown girl who is looking for her grandmother that is missing and Wolf a ex gangmember. Wolf is helping Scarlet find her grandmother. I absolutely enjoy Scarlet and Wolf’s relationship because they just need each other so much as well as they are really strong characters on their own. It turns out that Wolf is a military member of Luna who has been genetically altered to have wolf-like tendencies. He and other soldiers are being brainwashed and manipulated in packs by a leader but Wolf’s need to protect Scarlet releases that bond that the leader has on him. Cinder and Thorne’s trip to find Cinder’s past leads them to Scarlet and they team up(become a crew) at the end of the book:) This books has many cute WolfxScarlet moments as well as great friendship moments with ThornexCinder.



The Crew are in hiding and  surprisingly have dodged both lunar military and human military. This turns out to be because of a lunar girl named Cress. Cress is a lunar girl without any lunar gifts(magical powers). People who are born like this are called shells and are usually taken from their families and kept away from other lunars because thy are a threat to Luna since they can not be manipulated. Cress has been kept locked up in a satellite all alone under the supervision of a mistress. She is a super hacker and works for the queen to spy on earth. She is an amazing character who has this crazy imagination as a result of being alone most of the time. She helps the crew for a long time because she figures out that Levana plans to kill Kai after she marries him. She is also in love with Carswell Thorne because she reads all these files on him and basically imagines him as a hero who is going to save her. The crew go to rescue Cress and a series of events lead to Scarlet being captured on Luna, Cress and Thorne crashing the satellite in the Sahara dessert and Cinder and Wolf seeking help from a Doctor who has helped Cinder before. He is in a small town in Africa. This book follows the adventure Cress and Thorne have in the dessert getting to know eachother and Cinder and Wolf meeting and getting to know more Lunars, one of them being and ex Lunar guard named Jacin.



The gang plan on stopping the wedding and saving Scarlet. They need to go to Luna. Back on Luna Scarlet befriends Princess Winter who is Levana’s step daughter. She is the most beautiful girl on Luna and she does not use her Lunar gift.. People who don’t use their gift well basically slowly become crazy. She is known for being weird but also for her kind heart. Jacin returns to Luna to keep Winter(his childhood friend) safe after betraying Cinder and the gang. The Crew go to Luna but are quickly separated when they are under attack. Wolf leads Cinder, Iko(Cinders robot friend) and Thorne to his childhood home to get help form the factory workers on Luna to rebel against the queen. Winter and Jacing save and hide Cress from the queen. Even when they are apart they slowly start a rebellion against the Queen who isn’t the rightful  queen of Luna. The lost princess of Luna that Levana tried to kill has returned and she is Cinder. Cinder challanges Levana and does it publicly gaining respect from the Lunars who have been mistreated. They stop the wedding and alot of stuff happens leading to Levana’s fall.


This is the story of how Levana became “evil”, why she tried to kill her own niece and about her first Love. This is such a tragic story and a must read for everyone who reads this series.


My thoughts are that this series is brilliantly written. I love the characters and the fact that you know what character Marissa Meyer uses as inspiration for her characters as this is a retelling story. I love the loves in this series.. the ships. CinderxKai, ScarletxWolf, CressxThorne, WinterxJacin and even IkoxTheguard(what was his name). My favorite is Thress(Thorne + Cress) because I love how in love she is with him and how he doesn’t think he deserves him and their banter is so cute. This book also has really great friendships. Cinder+Iko, Scarlet+Winter, Cinder+Thorne, Thorne+Kai, ect.


This is a 5 star series for me and I can’t wait to read Stars above and Marissa’s new series that comes out later this year

Heir of Fire


This book starts in Wendlyn were Celaena was sent at the end of book 2 to kill the royal family. This is a part of the world that has not been effected by loss of magic and this is the place she can learn her fae magic. She meets Rowan a fae warrior who is going to train her to do magic.

This book also introduces new Characters such as Aedion who is Celaena’s cousin and Manon Blackbeak who is a witch and Sorscha who is introduced as Dorians new love interest.

Book three was really good but it was really weird as well because of how the story evolves and what the characters do.

Dorian is still lonely and still facing having magic all by him self, until he meets Sorscha a young healer who sees anlot going on in the castle but keeps to her self. She has had a crush on Dorian for some time and he has never noticed her until now. She starts helping him tame/conceal his magic and the slowly fall in love. There are close to none scenes with Chaol and Dorian and I didn’t like that at all.

Chaol joins a team of rebels against the King in secrecy becoming their spy in the castle now that Nehemia is dead. Their leader turns out to be Aedion who apparently has gotten a ring form the king that should have controlled him, but he switched it out with a lookalike. Chaol and Aedion work together without trusting each other that much. Aedion wants information on his Queen(which Chaol gives.though not everything) and Chaol wants to bring back magic to save Dorian(a noble thing.. if only he would talk to his friend)

Manon Blackbeack is introduced as a main which of the blackbeak klan .. we get to know her a bit and the witches. They are beautiful, move fast and are superstrong. She has iron teeth and nails. She seems like a kickass Character. We find out that the king has made Wyverns for the witches and they will get them from him only if they join the war being his personal army.

Celaena grows alot in this book learning to get intouch with her fae heritage and use magic. We also learn more about her past and her parents. She devlops a close friendship with Rowan the warrior fae and they fight demon prince’s and we learn about the black rings that the king uses to control people and the black collars that make it so that a human body can be taken over by demon prince’s (warg). They go to Maeve the queen of the fae and she breaks the bloodbond that Rowan has to Maeve and the become caranon(bound by a blood oath/mixing together their magic).

She sets sail for Rifthold to find the Wyrdkey wich she now knows is in a pendant she had on her the day her parents were killed.

The king summons Chaol, Aedion, Dorian and Sorscha to tell them that there is a spy among them and Aedion confesses before Chaol does and he is sent to the dungeons to be used as bait to get Aelin to try to save him. The king then kills Sorscha who apparently had been a spy. Chaol reacts and the king tries to kill him as well making Dorian use his magic to save his friend which is exactly what the king wanted. Chaol escapes and Dorian becomes a prisoner in his own body when the King puts a black collar on him.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars



Crown of Midnight


This book starts of after Celaena wins the competition and has officially become the kings assassin. She gets a target and must kill that person and bring something as evidence for the king(A head, a finger with the family ring on).

COM also brings in the rebellion into the storyline much more than book 1 when Celaena’s next target seems to have information about a group of people who are planning to dethrone the King by finding the long lost princess of Terassen.

We step even more into the world of magic as Celaena is learning the wyrd language by her close friend Princess Nehemia . As well as even more mysteries being introduced to us in form of a riddle.

Celaena must find out who is leading the rebel group, save her friends and betray the king aswell as crack the riddle and in the mids of all that there is still room for love.

Ok now on to what I thought of the book. I absolutely loved this one, and i think it is my favorite in this series. I love the character development s in this book and though some scene’s in this book may come across as violent and downright unnecessary.. I think as I move on in the series I don’t mind as much.

Dorian has great character development in this book especially seeing that he was duped in the end of book 1 and is feeling a bit down and alone. He discovers that he possesses the power of raw magic in a world were magic is not supposed to exist. the sad thing through out this book is that he is completely alone and has no one to talk to or ask for advice about what he is going through.. He can’t ask Celaena, because even is she said she wants to be friends she very much ignores him.. And he can’t go to Chaol because he is allways with Celaena and Dorian can tell that there is something between them even when they did not.

Nehemia is a strong Character and we get to know her even more. We find out more about what she does for her country and learn that she is willing to do anything for her friend Celaena and for her people. She is the voice that helps Celaena whenever she needs it and also believes in her that she is destined for greatness. Unfortunately the way she goes about inspiring Celaena is sick and I can’t figure out if is her plan or Queen Elena.. Her death changes Celaena and sets a rift in her relationship with Chaol.

On to Chaol..He also changes alot in this book as he goes from the always law abiding  captain of the guard to the guard that risks it all by forming a relationship with Celaena. I think their relationship is beautiful and I love how it stars slowly and becomes so great. The thing with Celaena blaming Chaol for Nehemia’s death and basically wanting to kill him kind of pisses me of because she mentions alot how he can serve the king.. but he does this from the moment she meets him.. this is nothing new. Especially if you think fo her past and her also having had a brutal ruler that she served in Arobynn. In the end he finds out that she is Fae and though he seems disgusted at first(bare in mind that he has grown up knowing that magic is bad and faes are the enemy) he saves her live by sening her away to a land were magic exists and there are fae.

Celaena..In this book loses her best friend, trust in the man she loves and is betrayed by a former friend aswell. She doesn’t know who to trust and what to do.. Except Dorian who by an unfortunate event tells her about his magic. She trusts him and says that after she has  figured out the riddle she will be back for him. I’m so glad that their friendship is back. Celaena lives things with Chaol saying that she still chooses him, that she always will.


The Throne of glass series

During the month of December I finished the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas.


I will give honest reviews of the books starting with a Throne of Glass


Celaena Sardothien is a slave in the salt mines of Endovier. She has been here for a year and was previously an assassin. The story starts with the Prince of Adarlan and his Captain of the guards making a deal with Celaena. She will go with them and join a championship in the city of Rifthold as the Prince’s champion. This championship is basically battle royale only not that lethal. Basically a group of people who live in the palace or are somebody important has a champion of their own and it is like a horse race seeing who will win.

In this book we get to know Celaena the assassin who enters this competition undercover as Lillian. She is cocky, feisty, smart and beautiful.

Prince Dorian the womanizing prince and heir to the empire. He is a carefree person who joins the competition to rile up his dad. He is a smart person who loves books and fun.

Chaol the Captain of the guard who is a strong and loyal man. He lives and breathes for the king and for Adarlan. He likes to follow rules and keeps it safe.

Celaena transforms during this book from the hurt slave who trusts no one to the strong female character that all the readers love. She is very quickly in the books attracted to Prince Dorians especially because of their mutual love of books. We can tell that she also thinks about Chaol alot but she dismisses it throughout the book. Dorian as well evolves from a womanizing prince to an boy in love with a girl. Chaol finds many reasons for why he shouldn’t trust Celaena the former assassin but slowly starts having feelings for her.

This book is action packed because of the competition that introduces murderess , assassins, former soldiers and everyone wants to win. But this book also introduces a magical mystery when Celaena is contacted by the “ghost” of a former queen of Adarlan who need her help to stop an evil force. Celaena is reluctant at first but joins the hunt. We get introduced to a magical language called wyrdmarks. Wyrdmarks are marks that when written make out a spell.. and during the competition someone is using them to open up portals to other worlds and letting demons/monsters/creatures through. This monster is one by one killing of the champions and Celaena has to find out who brought it and kill the monster.

I personally loved this book. It was such a great start to this journey and a great introduction to the characters. Sarah J Maas does a great job in making the readers love the characters. I’m not going to lie when a story has a love triangle I usually have a person I am rooting for and the other I don’t like/ don’t care for. But here I love both Dorian and Chaol. I love them both as a potential partner for Celaena and I love them because of their friendship. They are a great Bromance.

I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars Continue reading