Half bad Trilogy by Sally Green



This is a book recommendation that I have for you.  This trilogy is about a boy named Nathan that is a witch.

The setting

The story is set in a modern day world, mostly England and other European countries.

The story

The story is about a group of people born in a modern world with normal humans but they are different. This group of people are witches. We have two kind of witches Black and White. Black witches and White witches do not get along. It is known that white witches are good and black are bad. Our main protagonist is born half white and half black. His mother is a white witch and his father a famous “evil” black witch. Before he comes of age and can receive his magical powers he is taken to “the government” of the white witches to do tests to see if he is more white or black. This series is his story about trying to find himself and his powers in a world were everybody is against him. And one of the best parts of this book is his journeys and him meeting friends and enemies.


This is one of my favorite series of all time. It has been described as  a darker version of Harry Potter but that is not what i would say. It reminds me more of Xmen in some ways seeing that we meet witches who have different kind of powers, some evil and some good. !The only thing I can say is read this!




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