Half bad Trilogy by Sally Green



This is a book recommendation that I have for you.  This trilogy is about a boy named Nathan that is a witch.

The setting

The story is set in a modern day world, mostly England and other European countries.

The story

The story is about a group of people born in a modern world with normal humans but they are different. This group of people are witches. We have two kind of witches Black and White. Black witches and White witches do not get along. It is known that white witches are good and black are bad. Our main protagonist is born half white and half black. His mother is a white witch and his father a famous “evil” black witch. Before he comes of age and can receive his magical powers he is taken to “the government” of the white witches to do tests to see if he is more white or black. This series is his story about trying to find himself and his powers in a world were everybody is against him. And one of the best parts of this book is his journeys and him meeting friends and enemies.


This is one of my favorite series of all time. It has been described as  a darker version of Harry Potter but that is not what i would say. It reminds me more of Xmen in some ways seeing that we meet witches who have different kind of powers, some evil and some good. !The only thing I can say is read this!





This is what I plan on reading in May



Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince 🙂 This is Book 6 in the Harry Potter series and I have already started it.


Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows is the last installment in the Harry Potter series “Neither can live while the other survives”


A Diamond In The Rough By Elisa Marie Hopkins.  This book is about a model that receives death threats and is attacked and almost kidnapped by a masked assailant.   Its about her way with dealing about what happened and who she can and can not trust. This book is a thriller/lovestory and it sounds super interesting! Exactly what I may need after a huge series such as Harry Potter.


Black Diamond by Elisa Marie Hopkins is the sequel to A Diamond In The Rough.

Have a nice Reading month 🙂


Lost Stars by Claudia Gray Review


This is my review of Lost Stars by Claudia Gray

The Plot

The story is about a young boy and a young girl who are from the same planet but from completely different worlds. They both share the same dream of one day becoming a pilot and their shared dream creates a lifelong friendship. They go to the same school and eventually start feeling something more than just friendship for each other. You get to experience alot of what happened in the old Star Wars movies but being on the Republic’s side. Graduation from school and getting positioned in different places leads to them going in different directions and one of them joining the Rebellion. They must now fight each other because they believe in different things.

The Characters

Thane Kyrell: He is a son of an aristocrat on the planet Jelucan. He is a person that allways fight for what he believes in and will do anything to achieve his dream of becoming a pilot. He comes from a quite dysfunctional family with an abusing father and a brother that is very mean to him. He kind of reminds me of Harry Potter with the Dursleys. His dream is not working for the Republic as much as it is to leave Jelucan and his family. He is happy aslong as he is were Ciena is.

Ciena Ree: She is a girl from a rural village in Jelucan. Her family are poor and her mom has a high position on a mine factory. She lives by the rule of always following rules and always doing the right thing. The village she is from put loyalty and honesty very high and she does not lie. She comes from a very happy family and learns very quickly that Thane doesn’t. She and Thane are very dependent on each other and help each other be the better version of them selves.

The setting

Jelucan: A planet that is on the outer rim. There is a very clear difference between the rich and the poor on this planet.

The Academy of Corusant: This is were Thane and Ciena go to Cadet school. This is were the pilots and the stormtroopers are educated and taught in different subjects such as flying, hand to hand combat and intelligence.

The death star: Yes we are here aswell and it is pretty cool!

I loved reading from the other side’d perspective and enjoyed this book way more than I thought I would.

 4,5 out of 5 stars



Red Seas Under Red Skies Review


Red seas under red skies is book two in the Gentlemen Bastards series(not trilogy)…Ps! If you haven’t read book 1 than this will be a spoiler.

The Plot

The story continues with our main characters Locke and Jean as they plan and scheme to become rich. They are in a new town and have new identities. In this story like in the last involves Locke and Jean’s plan getting a bit sidetracked after they become pawns in a game that several people are playing. What i love about this book is that you don’t see things coming, who do we trust and who is the enemy? Locke and Jean are trained actors but in Red seas under red skies they have to take on a completely new role that they never saw coming and that they have problems acting out.

The characters

Locke: Is the smart and cunning male lead in this series. He loves tricks and he loves winning the game. He starts of being pretty down and very ready to just end life because of too much death that has happened in his life. He was the funny one that loved life mostly because of his friends and family that he now has lost. Jean brings him out of the darkness challenging him to the biggest heist of their life.

Jean: He is the muscle and the brain of the group. He is a big man and many fear him just by looking at him. He copes with his friends death in  a different way than Locke does and instead of shutting himself of from the world he creates the same world he had with his friend by helping a streetcrew. He becomes their leader and teaches them how to fight, how to trick and how to use their head(he becomes Chains) After he helps Locke from his depression they start the journey of their biggest heist ever. Circumstances leads them to board a ship undercover as fake Captains and he meets a girl and falls in love.

Requin: The “Leader” of the Sinspire. He is the richest person in Tal Verarr and owns a big building that houses everything from dogfighting pits, slavery and a gambling house. He is the person that Locke and Jean are trying to trick.

The Archon: He is a bondsmage and the person that intervenes in Locke and Jeans plans. He is very powerful and wishes to become even more powerful. He makes Locke and Jean pretend to be pirates and to start a “war” among pirates so he can come and save the day and become a hero in Tal Vararr.

Zamira: A pirate Captain with a crew of mostly female pirates. She is a famous pirate and a great Captain.

Ezri: She is Zamira’s second in command and is the strength of her ship. She is strong and well respected as well as she is fair. She is Jean’s love interest.


Tal Verarr: Again book is like the first  book set to a 1800 Italy inspired country . The different with this one and the last is that this reminded me of Las Vegas but more old fashioned.

The Red Sea: Half of the book is set to the ocean and coastal cities. A bit pirates of the Caribbean. There were normal scenes as well as a few supernatural. Loved all the pirate parts of the books and the pirate  superstitions


This book is 5 out of 5 🙂