Lies Of Locke Lamora Review


Lies of Locke Lamora is book 1 in The Gentlemen Bastard trilogy:)

The plot

This book is about a group of orphaned boys who are raised by a blind priest. They are the gentlemen bastard, a group of thieves only not ordinary ones. What they do is intricate and planed thievery. They learn different skills in areas such as, history, accents, fighting and cooking. They plan heists that can take years. We follow the boys on a heist were they have planned a scheme that is basically them stealing from the rich by going undercover and pretending to be rich aswell.

The characters

Locke– He is the main boy, small in size and not strong when it comes to fighting. He is the brains in the group and not meaning he is the smartest but he plans the best. we know nothing of his past before he is introduced to us. He wears costumes and changes accents and is a master of trickery. He is one of my favorite characters in books.

Chains-A blind priest that is the leader and mentor of the gang. He has learned that you can be a different kind of thieve if you use your mind. He is a blind priest and people donate money to his church so he has a monthly income. He teaches them all they know and what he can’t teach them he sends them away to learn.

Jean– He is a big, muscular man, born in a rich family. His parents die and he ends up on the street. He is smart and educated and the best fighter of the gang. In the beginning he and Locke don’t get along but growing up together they become best friends. They have really great banter throughout the book and their sarcasm is very funny. He is always looking after Locke and saving his ass.

Calo and Galdo– Twin brothers, and the first to join the gang. The often talk in unison and not only look alike but also are very similar. They love making fun of the other boys and are always having fun in every situation they are in. They often don’t look like they are taking things serious but they are very good thieves.

Sabatha– Locke’s love interest that is also a part of the gang but is only mentioned in the book and never really shows up.

Bug– The newest addition to the gang. He is a little kid who is an apprentice for the gang., joining the heist in smaller roles. He is very brave and very reckless:)

The setting

The book takes place in a fictional version of Venice, Italy. It is set during the early 1800’s ish. The town is called Camore and the criminal underworld is run by a man called Capa Barsavi(mob boss). He has made deals with all gangs and takes some of their profit.  The criminal underworld follows a rule and that is that they do not steal from the rich and the military(yellowjackets) only working people such as bakers, farmers. The gang however does not follow this and are never caught because they dress up and have fake identities when they do their schemes.

This book  is a brilliant book were you never know what happens who is tricking who. The language in this book is probably not for everyone because they do curse alot but I loved it.

I give this book 5 stars 🙂