The Lunar Chronicles


I read The Lunar Chronicles in January 2016 and this is my short review of the books:)


Book 1 mainly focused on  Cinder who is a cyborg(half human, half machine) mechanic and her story of how she meets the Prince of New Beijing Kai. This is Cinderella but with a cool twist introducing a bad-ass Cinderella and a cool new Universe. The world is divided in different continents than we are used too, because of world war three. The asian area is called the commonwealth and the emperor is Kai’s father. Earth is in a tricky situaation because they are sort of being threatened by the Lunar race. The lunar race is the people who live on the moon (Luna) and they are ruled by an evil Queen called Levana. THe lunar race have “magical” powers were they can manipulate others thoughts and manipulate what they see. These powers are what scares the earthen most when it comes to the Lunars. We find out that Cinder is also Lunar and has been hidden on earth her whole life. Levana wants her as a prisoner and Kai has to give Levana what she wants so that he can get what he wants from her.. he wants a cure to a virus that has spread on earth that Luna has the cure to. Levana also wants to become Empress and wants to get engaged to Kai.



Scarlet follows Cinder again and Carswell Thorne who are captured in prison and escape together. They are trying to find out more about Cinder’s past together. This book also follows Scarlet a sassy french smalltown girl who is looking for her grandmother that is missing and Wolf a ex gangmember. Wolf is helping Scarlet find her grandmother. I absolutely enjoy Scarlet and Wolf’s relationship because they just need each other so much as well as they are really strong characters on their own. It turns out that Wolf is a military member of Luna who has been genetically altered to have wolf-like tendencies. He and other soldiers are being brainwashed and manipulated in packs by a leader but Wolf’s need to protect Scarlet releases that bond that the leader has on him. Cinder and Thorne’s trip to find Cinder’s past leads them to Scarlet and they team up(become a crew) at the end of the book:) This books has many cute WolfxScarlet moments as well as great friendship moments with ThornexCinder.



The Crew are in hiding and  surprisingly have dodged both lunar military and human military. This turns out to be because of a lunar girl named Cress. Cress is a lunar girl without any lunar gifts(magical powers). People who are born like this are called shells and are usually taken from their families and kept away from other lunars because thy are a threat to Luna since they can not be manipulated. Cress has been kept locked up in a satellite all alone under the supervision of a mistress. She is a super hacker and works for the queen to spy on earth. She is an amazing character who has this crazy imagination as a result of being alone most of the time. She helps the crew for a long time because she figures out that Levana plans to kill Kai after she marries him. She is also in love with Carswell Thorne because she reads all these files on him and basically imagines him as a hero who is going to save her. The crew go to rescue Cress and a series of events lead to Scarlet being captured on Luna, Cress and Thorne crashing the satellite in the Sahara dessert and Cinder and Wolf seeking help from a Doctor who has helped Cinder before. He is in a small town in Africa. This book follows the adventure Cress and Thorne have in the dessert getting to know eachother and Cinder and Wolf meeting and getting to know more Lunars, one of them being and ex Lunar guard named Jacin.



The gang plan on stopping the wedding and saving Scarlet. They need to go to Luna. Back on Luna Scarlet befriends Princess Winter who is Levana’s step daughter. She is the most beautiful girl on Luna and she does not use her Lunar gift.. People who don’t use their gift well basically slowly become crazy. She is known for being weird but also for her kind heart. Jacin returns to Luna to keep Winter(his childhood friend) safe after betraying Cinder and the gang. The Crew go to Luna but are quickly separated when they are under attack. Wolf leads Cinder, Iko(Cinders robot friend) and Thorne to his childhood home to get help form the factory workers on Luna to rebel against the queen. Winter and Jacing save and hide Cress from the queen. Even when they are apart they slowly start a rebellion against the Queen who isn’t the rightful  queen of Luna. The lost princess of Luna that Levana tried to kill has returned and she is Cinder. Cinder challanges Levana and does it publicly gaining respect from the Lunars who have been mistreated. They stop the wedding and alot of stuff happens leading to Levana’s fall.


This is the story of how Levana became “evil”, why she tried to kill her own niece and about her first Love. This is such a tragic story and a must read for everyone who reads this series.


My thoughts are that this series is brilliantly written. I love the characters and the fact that you know what character Marissa Meyer uses as inspiration for her characters as this is a retelling story. I love the loves in this series.. the ships. CinderxKai, ScarletxWolf, CressxThorne, WinterxJacin and even IkoxTheguard(what was his name). My favorite is Thress(Thorne + Cress) because I love how in love she is with him and how he doesn’t think he deserves him and their banter is so cute. This book also has really great friendships. Cinder+Iko, Scarlet+Winter, Cinder+Thorne, Thorne+Kai, ect.


This is a 5 star series for me and I can’t wait to read Stars above and Marissa’s new series that comes out later this year


Tbr for February

These are the books I am planning on reading in February:)


Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch is book 1 of The Gentlemen Bastards Trilogy.  It is about a group of orphans who grow up learning different tricks to become great thief’s and schemers. Currently halfway through and loving it:)


Stars Above by Marissa Meyer:) I read the entire series through January and am really looking forward to this bind up of 9 novellas:) The last novella is about a wedding.. Now it is probably Cinder and Kai but it would really be cool if it is some of the other couples instead:D


Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson and is book 6 in the Mistborn series. This has been such a high anticipation book for me that was unfortunately set aside for the Lunar Chronicles. This is my favorite series of all time.


The 5 Wave by Rick Yancey is a book about an alien invasion. I really want to read this so that I can watch the movie in the cinema:)


The Siren by Kiera Cass is a book I don’t know much about but from experience I know that Kiera Cass books are quite a quick read. Also she has such beautiful covers.


A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness is also a book I don’t know much about. I know this book will get a movie adaptation so I want to read it before that.

I will soon put up my review of the Lunar Chronicles soon:)


Have a nice Reading day


Queen of Shadows


Queen of Shadows starts of with Celaena arriving back to Rifthold to get back one of the Wyrdkeys. She finds the city she left in a different condition then she left it. She gets help from Chaol, his new friend Nesryn and her old nemesis Lyssandra to free Aedion with a little help from her old master Arobyn. Chaol and Celaena are pretty much angry at each other but they decide to work together to stop the king and save Dorian(more like Chaol wants to save him, Celaena thinks its to late).

Rowan joins the gang aswell and they plot to take down Arobyn together and retrieve the Wyrdkey which he had taken from Caelena when she was younger. I am not going to lie all the names Aelin has had kinda confuse me. Lyssandra gets captured by the king and sent of to were the witches are because it turns out she is magical as well leading to the gang finally meeting the witches in a showdown. The wingleader Manon and Aelin fight and Aelin ends up saving her life, resulting in Manon being in debt to her. Manon pays the debt by warning Aelin that Dorian has not been completely taken over by a dark prince and that he can be saved.

The gang save Dorian and have an epic battle killing the King. Before the king dies he says some stuff about actually being possessed himself and that the Duke is the main guy. Dorian kills him.

On to the characters and what i thought of their storyline.

Chaol is pretty angry throughout the book about things he kinda already forgave Aelin for so that is abit confusing. His character became so negative and I feel that he didn’t have to be. He sorta ends up deciding that he is going to let Aelin go and try to be happy on his own, maybe even with his cool new friend Nesryn. I am fine with that but I think that this book made the love that Celaena and Chaol had for each other in book two worthless and that didn’t sit well with me., They deserved better.. He ends up paralyzed so I am thinking the healer Celaena helped in the assassins blade will show up.

Dorian had not alot going on since he was trapped in his own body, but I love the thing with him and Manon. So basically the demon prince that possessed him couldn’t controll him in  the presence of Manon because of her being a witch and the color of her eyes. She is the reason the gang didn’t kill him and I think he deserves a strong woman in his life. Currently he is all alone in his Castle and he is a king now(he has people but just no one in the gang) Give this guy a happy ending please.

Lyssandra was super badass and a great addition to the gang(yes that is what I call them). She is spunky and fierce and I loved every scene she was in. I am thinking she and Aedio make a great couple and they also deserve happiness. Aelin gave her a title in her court and the to of them bonding was really great.

Aelin and Rowan are basically in a relationship now, they can get married and move in together. They were absolutely great together and you could tell they were each others rock to lean on. The book got a few fun moments with the sexual chemistry between this two being of the charts. As well as fun moments with them and Aedion. Aelin really grew alot as a character in this book and she is ready to build her court and take back her land.

Manon remains one of my favorite characters and I enjoyed her starting to think for her self instead of listening to orders from her evil grandmother. She really cares for her sisters(witches) which her granny doesn’t. She is all about family and a bad ass character as well. I am looking forward to her journey, and I hope it includes Dorian:)

This book was a 5 out of 5 stars for me 😉