Heir of Fire


This book starts in Wendlyn were Celaena was sent at the end of book 2 to kill the royal family. This is a part of the world that has not been effected by loss of magic and this is the place she can learn her fae magic. She meets Rowan a fae warrior who is going to train her to do magic.

This book also introduces new Characters such as Aedion who is Celaena’s cousin and Manon Blackbeak who is a witch and Sorscha who is introduced as Dorians new love interest.

Book three was really good but it was really weird as well because of how the story evolves and what the characters do.

Dorian is still lonely and still facing having magic all by him self, until he meets Sorscha a young healer who sees anlot going on in the castle but keeps to her self. She has had a crush on Dorian for some time and he has never noticed her until now. She starts helping him tame/conceal his magic and the slowly fall in love. There are close to none scenes with Chaol and Dorian and I didn’t like that at all.

Chaol joins a team of rebels against the King in secrecy becoming their spy in the castle now that Nehemia is dead. Their leader turns out to be Aedion who apparently has gotten a ring form the king that should have controlled him, but he switched it out with a lookalike. Chaol and Aedion work together without trusting each other that much. Aedion wants information on his Queen(which Chaol gives.though not everything) and Chaol wants to bring back magic to save Dorian(a noble thing.. if only he would talk to his friend)

Manon Blackbeack is introduced as a main which of the blackbeak klan .. we get to know her a bit and the witches. They are beautiful, move fast and are superstrong. She has iron teeth and nails. She seems like a kickass Character. We find out that the king has made Wyverns for the witches and they will get them from him only if they join the war being his personal army.

Celaena grows alot in this book learning to get intouch with her fae heritage and use magic. We also learn more about her past and her parents. She devlops a close friendship with Rowan the warrior fae and they fight demon prince’s and we learn about the black rings that the king uses to control people and the black collars that make it so that a human body can be taken over by demon prince’s (warg). They go to Maeve the queen of the fae and she breaks the bloodbond that Rowan has to Maeve and the become caranon(bound by a blood oath/mixing together their magic).

She sets sail for Rifthold to find the Wyrdkey wich she now knows is in a pendant she had on her the day her parents were killed.

The king summons Chaol, Aedion, Dorian and Sorscha to tell them that there is a spy among them and Aedion confesses before Chaol does and he is sent to the dungeons to be used as bait to get Aelin to try to save him. The king then kills Sorscha who apparently had been a spy. Chaol reacts and the king tries to kill him as well making Dorian use his magic to save his friend which is exactly what the king wanted. Chaol escapes and Dorian becomes a prisoner in his own body when the King puts a black collar on him.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars




Crown of Midnight


This book starts of after Celaena wins the competition and has officially become the kings assassin. She gets a target and must kill that person and bring something as evidence for the king(A head, a finger with the family ring on).

COM also brings in the rebellion into the storyline much more than book 1 when Celaena’s next target seems to have information about a group of people who are planning to dethrone the King by finding the long lost princess of Terassen.

We step even more into the world of magic as Celaena is learning the wyrd language by her close friend Princess Nehemia . As well as even more mysteries being introduced to us in form of a riddle.

Celaena must find out who is leading the rebel group, save her friends and betray the king aswell as crack the riddle and in the mids of all that there is still room for love.

Ok now on to what I thought of the book. I absolutely loved this one, and i think it is my favorite in this series. I love the character development s in this book and though some scene’s in this book may come across as violent and downright unnecessary.. I think as I move on in the series I don’t mind as much.

Dorian has great character development in this book especially seeing that he was duped in the end of book 1 and is feeling a bit down and alone. He discovers that he possesses the power of raw magic in a world were magic is not supposed to exist. the sad thing through out this book is that he is completely alone and has no one to talk to or ask for advice about what he is going through.. He can’t ask Celaena, because even is she said she wants to be friends she very much ignores him.. And he can’t go to Chaol because he is allways with Celaena and Dorian can tell that there is something between them even when they did not.

Nehemia is a strong Character and we get to know her even more. We find out more about what she does for her country and learn that she is willing to do anything for her friend Celaena and for her people. She is the voice that helps Celaena whenever she needs it and also believes in her that she is destined for greatness. Unfortunately the way she goes about inspiring Celaena is sick and I can’t figure out if is her plan or Queen Elena.. Her death changes Celaena and sets a rift in her relationship with Chaol.

On to Chaol..He also changes alot in this book as he goes from the always law abiding  captain of the guard to the guard that risks it all by forming a relationship with Celaena. I think their relationship is beautiful and I love how it stars slowly and becomes so great. The thing with Celaena blaming Chaol for Nehemia’s death and basically wanting to kill him kind of pisses me of because she mentions alot how he can serve the king.. but he does this from the moment she meets him.. this is nothing new. Especially if you think fo her past and her also having had a brutal ruler that she served in Arobynn. In the end he finds out that she is Fae and though he seems disgusted at first(bare in mind that he has grown up knowing that magic is bad and faes are the enemy) he saves her live by sening her away to a land were magic exists and there are fae.

Celaena..In this book loses her best friend, trust in the man she loves and is betrayed by a former friend aswell. She doesn’t know who to trust and what to do.. Except Dorian who by an unfortunate event tells her about his magic. She trusts him and says that after she has  figured out the riddle she will be back for him. I’m so glad that their friendship is back. Celaena lives things with Chaol saying that she still chooses him, that she always will.


The Throne of glass series

During the month of December I finished the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas.


I will give honest reviews of the books starting with a Throne of Glass


Celaena Sardothien is a slave in the salt mines of Endovier. She has been here for a year and was previously an assassin. The story starts with the Prince of Adarlan and his Captain of the guards making a deal with Celaena. She will go with them and join a championship in the city of Rifthold as the Prince’s champion. This championship is basically battle royale only not that lethal. Basically a group of people who live in the palace or are somebody important has a champion of their own and it is like a horse race seeing who will win.

In this book we get to know Celaena the assassin who enters this competition undercover as Lillian. She is cocky, feisty, smart and beautiful.

Prince Dorian the womanizing prince and heir to the empire. He is a carefree person who joins the competition to rile up his dad. He is a smart person who loves books and fun.

Chaol the Captain of the guard who is a strong and loyal man. He lives and breathes for the king and for Adarlan. He likes to follow rules and keeps it safe.

Celaena transforms during this book from the hurt slave who trusts no one to the strong female character that all the readers love. She is very quickly in the books attracted to Prince Dorians especially because of their mutual love of books. We can tell that she also thinks about Chaol alot but she dismisses it throughout the book. Dorian as well evolves from a womanizing prince to an boy in love with a girl. Chaol finds many reasons for why he shouldn’t trust Celaena the former assassin but slowly starts having feelings for her.

This book is action packed because of the competition that introduces murderess , assassins, former soldiers and everyone wants to win. But this book also introduces a magical mystery when Celaena is contacted by the “ghost” of a former queen of Adarlan who need her help to stop an evil force. Celaena is reluctant at first but joins the hunt. We get introduced to a magical language called wyrdmarks. Wyrdmarks are marks that when written make out a spell.. and during the competition someone is using them to open up portals to other worlds and letting demons/monsters/creatures through. This monster is one by one killing of the champions and Celaena has to find out who brought it and kill the monster.

I personally loved this book. It was such a great start to this journey and a great introduction to the characters. Sarah J Maas does a great job in making the readers love the characters. I’m not going to lie when a story has a love triangle I usually have a person I am rooting for and the other I don’t like/ don’t care for. But here I love both Dorian and Chaol. I love them both as a potential partner for Celaena and I love them because of their friendship. They are a great Bromance.

I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars Continue reading